Guide to Choosing the Right Nursery Rocking Chair

With all the nursery rocking chair models on the market, picking the right one for you can seem complicated. There is certainly no shortage of options, styles, and mechanisms to choose from. We’ve put together a brief guide with our 5 best tips to help you while you shop.

  1. Feeling comfortable in your nursery rocking chair is key
  2. Nothing beats a rocking chair
  3. Think Grand!
  4. Don’t forget the ottoman
  5. Tailor-made to meet your needs

Feeling comfortable in your nursery rocking chair is key


mommy rocking her child

When shopping for a nursery rocking chair, you should above all be searching for comfort. You will probably be spending a lot of time in your chair, so feeling relaxed and comfortable is paramount.

Here are a few helpful questions to ask yourself when choosing your chair:

  • Are the armrests padded?
  • Do your feet touch the floor when you’re seated?
  • Is the backrest high enough to properly support your head?
  • Does the chair rock smoothly and silently?
  • Is the fabric or leather pleasant to the touch?
  • Would the mechanism levers be easy to reach with a baby in your arms?
  • Are the cushions likely to flatten or sag over time?

Dutailier’s tip: Try out several different nursery rocking chair models and don’t hesitate to test all the available functions. Choosing the right rocking chair for you is also a question of feeling, so trust your instincts when making your final decision.

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Nothing beats a rocking chair


All the Dutailier chairs glide! Yes, even this amazing Lula Glider Recliner

Did you know that the rocking of a chair recreates the sensation babies feel while still in the womb? Unsurprisingly, a few back-and-forths in the rocking chair are usually enough to send your little one to dreamland. This is especially true during feedings. Whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, nothing is more comforting for your child than spending some time cradled tightly in Mom’s arms after a good meal. And the sooner your baby can go to bed, the sooner you can do the same.

The gentle rocking motion that your nursery rocking chair creates will also be your best friend when you need to calm your child’s little fits or big tantrums at any time of day. Imagine being abruptly awoken by your baby’s crocodile tears and being able to soothe them in the comfort of your rocking chair. The rocking will have a calming effect on both you and your little one, guaranteed!

Dutailier’s tip: Opt for a rocking stopper mechanism! Since nearly all Dutailier’s rocking chairs come with this feature, your baby’s tiny fingers will not be at risk of getting caught. This system also allows you to get up with your baby in your arms much more easily and safely.


Think Grand!


child in a gliding chair

Despite their small size, babies accumulate so much stuff! And your nursery rocking chair will not be immune to the clutter. Bottles, stuffed animals, nursing cushions, toys, storybooks—the list of objects that will end up in the chair with you and your baby goes on and on.

A spacious chair is a wise choice! Be sure you have enough space between your body and the chair’s armrests. With a wriggling baby and a nursing cushion, it’s easy to feel cramped. The chairs of Dutailier’s Grand collection have seats that are 3–5 in. wider than regular chairs. This gives you all the space you need!

For even more bang for your buck, choose a rocking chair with armrest pockets, like the Kallia glider shown in the photo below. They provide you with even more storage space and allow you to keep your baby’s essential accessories within reach.

Kallia Glider Recliner

If your partner has a larger frame than you, they’ll be especially grateful that you chose such a spacious chair.

Dutailier’s tip: Try the chair with a nursing cushion on your lap. If you feel crowded, go for a different model. Many mothers forget that nursing cushions can feel cumbersome in smaller chairs.

Don’t forget the ottoman



Parents-to-be often don’t realize how nice it is to have an ottoman. But once they get a taste of how comfortable they are, they never go without one again. With an ottoman, you can completely stretch out your legs while sitting for long periods of time. All Dutailier’s ottomans are designed to rock in tandem with your chosen wooden chair. Perfect for your next siesta, with or without your little one!

If you’re looking for a more contemporary look, several nursery rocking chairs feature built-in footrests. This gives you more space without sacrificing the optimal comfort that footrests provide. You can have your cake and eat it too!

Dutailier’s tip: Consider a footrest with a nursing tray! This simple and affordable accessory can be fixed to Dutailier ottomans to keep them stationary when desired. Its 45° angle is also helpful for alleviating tension in the lower back.

Tailor-made to meet your needs



Do I want a reclining backrest? Fabric or leather? Motorized or manual? Made in Canada or abroad? These are the kinds of questions you should be asking yourself when shopping for a nursery rocking chair. Your answers are likely to be influenced by the amount of space you have, your budget, and your tastes. Whatever the deciding factors, keep an open mind and take your time considering each option.

All Dutailier’s chairs are custom-made in Quebec. Most parents choose a model with a reclining backrest for added comfort. One option growing in popularity is motorization. Click here to find out why.

Dutailier’s tip: Consider your chair a long-term investment. It will start in your baby’s room, but quickly end up in your living room. The more comfortable your chair is and the more it suits your tastes, the happier you’ll be to have it in your living room when your kids are older!

One thing is certain: regardless of the chair and options you choose, you won’t regret your investment. Mothers know best!