The rocking chair, focal point of your spaces

It’s a classic for a reason: the rocking chair represents as much relaxation, comfort and fellowship. Not only does it complete a room, but it can also be the masterpiece of the space. There are varied styles and multiple options, everything is there to make it the furniture of choice and provide a soothing tone – from the living room to the veranda. To inspire you, here are six rooms where the rocking chair can easily be found.

Baby’s room


Lula glider recline in a nursery room

Lula Glider Recliner - Certain decorative products, such as furniture, are presented as suggestions only.

This is without a doubt one of the best places for a rocking chair; baby’s room is an oasis where we want a soft and light touch. A soft and comfortable rocking for parents and baby is an asset that promotes attachment and sleep. The rocking chair becomes the incarnation of your new life. This is where we gather for feedings, lullabies and naps; we are looking for timeless furniture with clear and practical colours – and armrests and footstools to hold the baby as long as possible!


Child’s room


Classico glider recliner in a kids room

Classico Glider Recliner - Certain decorative products, such as furniture, are presented as suggestions only.

Obviously, baby will grow up, but they will probably still love the rocking motion! This is why the rocking chair keeps its comforting role even in a child’s room. Choose neutral colours so the furniture can integrate to the decor, whether it’s trucks or Harry Potter! And though the rocking chair generally represents story time, the children can also start to use it on their own. It becomes their own little space to relax – there is no age for that! – and cuddle with their stuffed toys.


Patio or veranda


Aspen Grand Glider in a Veranda

Aspen Grand Glider

As soon as the days get longer, the patio or the veranda turn into new living spaces, an extension of the house – so let’s set it up as such! To create a friendly atmosphere, an upholstered rocking chair in inviting colours will create the desired effect: modern, rustic, minimalist and more. Add side tables, candles and greenary that will encourage you to stay outside from morning to night!


Living room


Orford Glider Recliner in a living room

Orford Glider Recliner

Another room where the rocking chair is a must-have is the living room. Why? Because it sends the message that in this room, you are allowed to relax, to simply stop and enjoy the moment. Whether your style is modern or classic, rocking chairs can easily integrate in your decor. Make it your own with a simple choice of fabric or accessories like cushions. With a footstool, it defines the living room.


Den or multi-function room


Rose glider in a multi-fonction room

Rose Glider

Impossible not to fall in love with a rocking chair in a den. With a high upholstered back, armrests and a footstool, it becomes the place to be. Children gather to read, we argue over seating on movie nights, and as soon as the kids are in bed, we settle in front of our favourite series, maybe with knitting in hand – who knows? Just as with the living room, the multi-function room can benefit from a rocking chair, as it is synonymous with relaxation, rest time, time for self. How to resist the call of comfort? That is the real question!




Adele glider in an office

Adele Glider

Here is one room that really benefits from a rocking chair. Working from home is now part of many people’s life, so let’s set up the room to ensure it is comfortable to work in, happy and unencumbered. And since it can have as much a modern or classic look, the rocking chair sets the tone for a professional ambiance that helps you work better. Review a text, make a phone call or simply take a break, the rocking chair calls.