Tips to create the perfect minimalist nursery

With both hands on your basket, you look at the many rows of baby products and your long shopping list,  wondering in silence « how can such a small human require so many objects? »

Luckily, as life would have it, the minimalist nursery is a concept that grows in popularity among parents. The main idea is to do more with less without compromising the comfort, the safety or the baby’s needs. This avoids unnecessary purchases and expenses while reducing clutter in the baby’s room. Here are our 6 best suggestions to easily create a minimalist nursery.

Choose a convertible crib made of wood


Lollipop crib and dresser

Contrary to traditional cribs, convertible cribs can be transformed into day bed, single bed or sometimes even in double bed.

As you know, kids grow up fast! You’ll be happy to have invested in a bed that adapts perfectly to all the stages of your kid’s growth. Thus, your purchase will be profitable over at least a decade or so!

Since we’re aiming for at least 10 years of use with convertible cribs, they will withstand the test of time. This will be ideal should you plan to expand your family, because you will be able to reuse your convertible crib as soon as your oldest is ready to go to a big bed.

Choose simple decoration


Pomelo crib

We know, we know, baby boutiques feature so many amazing small decorations, they make any mom’s heart melt. It quickly becomes tempting to buy everything!

We suggest that you find a few timeless pieces of decor. This way, your amazing carpet, lamp or wall decoration will easily fit in your teenager’s future bedroom or even in your living room.

Give a second life to some of your loved ones’ objects


Your sister, brother, friend or cousin had a baby a few years ago? Bingo! This could be a gold mine of essential objects for your baby. And we bet that some of those are still like new or in very good condition.

First items that you could easily benefit from? Clothes. At a very young age, babies grow so fast that pajamas can last only a few weeks. The same goes for some practical elements such as a playpen, bottle warmer or newborn toys.

In addition to saving big dollars, your loved ones will be very grateful that you’re helping them to de-clutter their nursery! It’s also very rewarding to extend the life of certain objects that used to belong to our loved ones, isn’t it?

Do you really need it?


To help you reduce the number of items to buy for the arrival of your newborn, you could ask yourself one simple question before going to the cash register: do I really need it?

The idea here is not whether your mother, your aunt or your most recent maternity magazine convinced you that it was essential. No. The real question is whether or not you intend to use it. When in doubt, leave the object on the shelf.

The same principle applies to the number of copies of each thing you plan to buy. For example, it’s worth having several baby bottles to avoid having to constantly clean them. But, it’s not the same for pacifiers, clothes or toys.

Combine dresser and change table


Instead of buying a changing table, turn your dresser into a changing top for baby. Just fit a changing mat on top of your dresser and it’s done!

It’ll be even easier if you chose a large 3-drawer dresser in your nursery. Its large surface and drawers with dividers will allow you to always have diapers, wet wipes and moisturizer at hand!

For an even safer space, we recommend that you secure the changing mat properly and always stay near the baby to prevent any fall.

Don’t underestimate the importance of a comfortable glider or rocking chair


Mommy rocking with baby

Too often, many parents are forced to limit their purchases. Unfortunately, one of the essentials that gets pushed aside is the rocking chair.

We feel that the glider is essential in the nursery, whether to feed the baby, rock the baby to sleep or simply to enjoy the soothing effect of its movement. By opting for a minimalist nursery, you can reduce unnecessary expenses and invest in what’s really important, like a comfortable rocking chair.

As for your crib, it’s best to buy a glider that will last for a long time. To choose properly, make sure you know what elements must be tested before purchase.

Tell yourself that a good (and beautiful) glider will easily transfer to the living room and steal the show once its usefulness is completed in the nursery.

You know, to empty your nursery also means emptying your mind. It’s crazy how airy and uncluttered spaces can generate a sense of interior peace. And once your minimalist nursery becomes reality, you could even extend the concept to the rest of the house!

gliding chairs