Why Choose a Motorized Rocking Chair for the Nursery ?

With a little one about to arrive, a nursing chair is certainly one of the many items you’re looking to get your hands on. You probably have many different criteria for selecting your favourite glider, but there is perhaps one criteria you haven’t considered: motorization.

Planning ahead to ensure your baby’s well-being and safety is vital, and it starts with mom and dad’s comfort while holding their little one in their arms. Because a lot of family time is spent feeding, a motorized nursing glider for the baby’s room is a wise choice. You certainly won’t regret it!

Today’s market is flooded with nursing chairs with a wide range of options; motorization, however, has simply redefined comfort for new parents while nursing or bottle-feeding. With a simple push of the finger, you can adjust the backrest to the position you want or activate the footrest for even more support and comfort. With a newborn in your arms, the electric mechanism will prove to be a very useful feature, or even a lifesaver in some situations!

In short, motorization should not be overlooked; after all, your baby’s comfort starts with your own. The whole family deserves it, don’t you agree?

The nursing chair: a must in every new mother’s life


Classico Glider

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Once your child is born, you will most likely spend most of your time in their room—or more specifically, in your glider chair! After feeding your child, changing their diaper, and drying their tears for the umpteenth time, you will quickly see your comfortable glider as an inviting sanctuary.

Your glider becomes not only a welcome refuge for forging a special bond with your child, but also your bed! And beds are synonymous with comfort and relaxation.

We know that sleeping with an infant is not always a piece of cake. If you’re going to choose your glider as your favourite spot to rest with your baby, why not opt for a model that allows you to sit in the most relaxing position for both of you?

You can fine-tune the backrest and footrest at the touch of a button. This is the main difference between motorized and manual gliders. Manual gliders only have two positions—upright or reclined—, whereas motorized ones can be finely adjusted to any possible angle! This allows you to find your ideal position during those precious bonding moments with your child.

Some respite after childbirth


Every mother we meet knows that childbirth is a beautiful yet harrowing process. For some, it can be incredibly exhausting or even painful.

The post-partum period is therefore not only one of discovery and joy with your newborn, but also one of recovery for your body, which has worked strenuously to bring your child into the world.

In the daily lives of new, recovering mothers, the plug-in or battery-powered motorized nursing chair is a must!

You no longer need to struggle with the glider to activate the footrest or strain your abs trying to recline the backrest. The motorized glider gives your body a break and lets you nurse with minimal effort and therefore minimal pain.

You will feel adequately supported and can control your body’s position to avoid pressure points, providing nothing but all-around comfort for you and your baby.

Choosing the right motorized nursing glider for you


Alsace glider recliner

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First, it is important to know that motor mechanisms can differ between manufacturers, or even between glider collections.

For example, some gliders, like Dutailier’s Alsace model, feature what is called sequential motorization. This means that the footrest and backrest are activated using the same button. When this button is pressed, the footrest first unfolds completely, immediately followed by the backrest, which reclines to the desired angle.

Other models, such as the Classico glider, are equipped with dual-motor motorization. This means that the backrest and footrest are controlled separately. The upholstered glider therefore has four distinct buttons: two for opening and closing the footrest and two for reclining and straightening the backrest. Naturally, the more positions a glider offers for your back and legs, the more comfortable you and your baby can be.

In addition to motorization, other options are certainly worth considering. A swivel base, gentle glide, and even the choice of upholstery—all these small details make the difference between an acceptable nursing experience for mother and child and a memorable one!

From the baby’s room to the living room—consider giving your motorized nursing glider a second life


Alsace Glider Recliner

It goes without saying that today’s nursing gliders are all very attractive and follow current design trends, much like many other items in the home. Your motorized nursing chair can be perfectly matched to the decor of your lounge or living room.

Take the time you need to consider all your options. Certain manufacturers offer a wide variety of not only fabrics and leathers, but also colours. This is an important detail, considering that your nursing glider should easily last over 10 years and will undoubtedly spend its final years in your living room as a lounge glider.

A nursing lounger with a swivel base will offer even more placement options in your living room.

In short, we strongly recommend that you take your living room’s decor and ambiance into consideration when choosing the fabric and colour of your nursing glider.

A purchase that’s worth every penny


We hope we’ve been able to demonstrate the many advantages of choosing a motorized nursing glider.

Whether you wish to treat yourself to a little luxury and comfort tailored to your needs or your body is demanding a bit of pampering, you will surely be happy with your decision.

What’s more, with all the benefits that a nursing glider like this offers, we believe that the money invested in choosing a motorized glider is absolutely worth it! It’s an investment that will benefit the family for many years to come.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to get in touch and we’ll reply as soon as possible.

We wish you a world of happiness in your new life as a mother and look forward to hearing from you.