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827 Glider

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Classic Collection

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Long and smooth gliding motion

Our chairs have one of the most gentle and longest glides available on the market.

Multi-position lock

This mechanism combines comfort and ergonomics with several different positions while maintaining the seat angle. Perfect for every height (in option).


The backrest reclining mechanism is body pressure activated to improve comfort levels (in option)

Gliding ottoman

The ottoman is designed to glide in tandem with the chair. Paired with the chair's reclining mechanism, you can achieve the most relaxing lying-down position. Also available with plastic footrest.

Premium cushions

Our cushions are made of premium materials and fabrics that stand the test of time.

Lumbar pillow

In option



  • Width 26.50" 67.30 cm
  • Depth 31" 78.70 cm
  • Height 42" 106.70 cm


  • Nb. boxes 1

Manufactured to the highest standards, this product qualifies for our 5-year limited warranty.

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    Owner of two Dutailier rockers
    We have had two gliders and ottomans since 1990. They have been there for many life events from a rocking grandmother through grandchildren of our own and now for the two of us to rock in tandem in our later years. Leather is a bit worn, but rockers and ottomans still comfortable. Well worth the investment!
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