A family where it is good to grow and achieve your goals Testimonials

Credit coordinator employee

I have been part of the Dutailier team for almost 31 years. I consider Dutailier as my second family. I grew professionally within this great team that has trusted me over the years. I can confirm that working at Dutailier is always a pleasure.

Assembly Team Leader employee

When I arrived at Dutailier 35 years ago, it was only to get a job. But over the years, a special attachment has been formed for this beautiful company which has become a big family with amazing friends and very grateful employers. Thanks to them for offering me a job at a very young age.

Tailor employee

I devoted 11 years of my life to the Dutailier company. The place is stress-free and most positions in the factory are relatively easy to learn if given the chance. Employees are friendly and help new people who want to learn their new job. It is also pleasant to develop affinities with certain people.

Seamstress employee

I like working at Dutailier because it's a family business and that's what I was looking for 15 years ago. I like teaming up with "my gang". We help each other and give each other tips. So, we are happy and proud to work together.

assembly and sander employees

We met at the factory and we have been together for more than 30 years. We really like our workstations. We are a beautiful family and the working atmosphere is good

Customer Experience Agent

My story at Dutailier began more than 17 years ago, then I had to take a break to raise my children. A year ago, I was really happy to have the opportunity to come back to the beautiful Dutailier family. Dutailier is a “tightly woven” family business where everyone has their place and can develop according to their needs.