6 Inspirational Living Room Ideas

Taking the time to create a comfortable area that suits us, there’s an idea that makes a lot of sense as we move through life. Ensuring peace within our home, away from the hectic pace of life, is precious, maybe even essential. And the living room, space of a thousand and one possibilities, is one of the rooms in our home that benefits from our close attention. To give you a few ideas on how to redecorate it and give it your own style, we provide a collage of today’s trends that are both current and timeless.

1. Farmhouse


This is THE trend over the past few years, and its popularity does not seem to fade. Mix the minimalist’s straight lines with contemporary noble materials and the warmth of country decors, and the result is completely modern. Walls painted white are key – even more if they are panelled! – as are natural materials such as rustic wood, concrete and wicker. Farmhouse-style living room often have black contrast elements, like a metal low table painted black, a black-and-white rug, or lamps with dark shades. The living room furniture is chosen in clear white or pale grey tones. For the comfy, friendly side, you can add cushions with a variety of textures, such as wool or fur. To complete your farmhouse decor, don’t hesitate to combine new furniture with older pieces from thrift shops or recovered from a grandparent. Their lived-in look will add personality and warmth to the overall ambiance. Final touches of green or glass and greeneray or dried flower arrangements.


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2. Victorian


If the series The Crown charmed you by its rich, elaborate home decors from Windsor Castle, for example, the Victorian style is for you. Referring to Queen Victoria’s romantic decorative style, it was very popular in the middle of the XIXth century in England and never lessened. We can recognize it by its choice of furniture and accessories with minute details, the presence of mirrors, stained glass, paintings and marble sculptures. The walls are painted in deep tones or wallpapered. The fireplace mantel is filled with small objects, ceramic trinkets and porcelain figurines. To create a Victorian decor that remains current, choose carpets with floral motifs, velour accents and sheer window dressings. Furniture with rich materials, such as varnished wood and leather, have their place, as well as bookshelves filled with books with different linings.


Victorian decor ideas

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3. Geometric


If you’re looking for a modern look, you might prefer a geometric style. A combination of pop-art with a fun minimalism, the style is one of the most easy to play with. Lined prints, symmetry, shapes of all kinds, mixing circles and triangles, diamond-shaped lamps shades and checkerboard floors. Furniture-side, choose simple straight lines. Geometric is often vibrant with superposition of colours for more pizazz, like yellow cushions on a green couch. For accessories, no holds are barred. Solid colours are never the first option. Mix different types of checkered patterns or different geometric shapes in similar colors. Like a canvas, light-coloured walls, even white, are called for.


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4. Contemporary

We often wrongly believe that the contemporary style is actually modern. But a contemporary decor borrows from different styles, such as the Scandinavian, the industrial and the clean lines and elegant designer rooms of the modern. Its sophistication comes from the warm ambiance it provides. To this end, set out furniture so that each area has its own function, as if we were creating an exhibit area. Reading nook, TV area, cozy fireplace, each space is considered so that they all remain open and full of light. A neutral colour is often the starting point in the walls and in the furniture. Then add only a few touches of colour, be it with a vividly-coloured chair, an abstract-art painting or a carpet with colorful straight lines. 

Contemporary Decor Ideas

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5. Modern

The modern style is a combination of clean lines and a minimalist chic. No trinkets or decorative objects here. It has to have a function to have a place. The refined lines of the modern can be perceived as cold, but choosing comfortable furniture and raw materials like stone, glass and wood add warmth to the space. Accessories with colored shapes help break the monochromatic design that could make the room feel austere. Usually, the style works well with open spaces, but you can opt for modern in smaller spaces by playing with light. White walls, grey accents and accessories – tables, lamps, etc. – that play with transparent surfaces. Important touch: chrome, in small doses! 


modern decor ideas

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6. Cozy

Visualise the decor of a cottage. There’s a flame, first off, in a fireplace or from candles. You can see many different textures, such as superimposed fabrics: furs, wools and natural fibers. You can also find wood and stone. All these elements are exactly what makes a cozy decor, with an accent on comfort. We want to create an area where we would be happy to hibernate all year long! An important point of this decor is to create areas where we can relax. Focus on comfortable chairs and couches that can adjust if we want to read, discuss or nap. Then, add throws and cushions. Put a carpet on the floor and various side tables and furniture for our cups of tea, books, audio devices and indispensable candles or essential oil diffusers. In terms of decorations, choose photos of loved ones in nice frames of different sizes and shapes – nothing better than what we love to add a touch of warmth! — and travel souvenirs, family objects and other trinkets that will give the space a unique character.

Cozy decor ideas

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