Designing Your Child’s Room: Five Tips for a Beautifully Designed Space!

Now that baby has gotten bigger, you probably want to update the baby’s room a little to make it into a true child’s room. Decorate it according to their taste, with a cooler design. To help you make a choice, here are some essentials and the main trends for 2022. Something to make a clever mix that will give rise to a unique bedroom!


Neutral Canvas


Nolita in a neutral kids room

When we think of redecorating, we often think of repainting the walls. In this case, it is important to bet on neutral colours. They are recommended to optimize relaxation and sleep; you won’t be as worried that your child will get tired of their room’s colour! Aside from whites and creams, shades of beige or grey can also provide warmth and comfort. The final choice depends a lot on the room’s size. If the bedroom is small, a luminous cream is a winning choice.

Obviously, your child probably has a favourite colour they would like to see on a wall in their room. And it would be very sad not to allow them this pleasure! Offer them the choice of a few colours that are soft, such as an old rose, a semolina yellow or a sage green—very trendy this year. They will harmonize well with the rest and keep the idea of the room being a place to rest. If you doubt that the choice of colour will last over time, only paint one wall. You’ll save yourself a job in a few years!

Multifunctional Space


Boy reading in a Lula glider recliner

The bedroom isn’t just for sleeping, quite the contrary. It is a multifunctional space where you can both relax and play. In the room’s arrangement, preference is given to three defined sections. First, the rest area. This is where the bed and bedside table are. An extendable bed is a smart and economical choice since it lengthens according to the child’s growth. This avoids having to make other subsequent purchases. On the bedside table or near the bed, install a reading lamp. Bedding, soft and fluffy, as well as pictures of loved ones will add to the space’s relaxing effect.

Nearby, children’s furniture is ideal for storing their things and giving them all the autonomy necessary for their development.

Next comes the play area, a section of the bedroom where the child can indulge in their favourite games and activities. And there, everything is possible! You can put a large carpet in it with boxes filled with LEGOs. If the child likes to play symbolic games, you can put a basket filled with costumes, figurines or even a puppet theatre. If you have an up-and-coming artist; an easel, a drawing table and DIY kits can be at the heart of the play area. The most important thing is to listen to the child’s preferences. If you don’t have a playroom in the house, it’s a good idea to find a compartmentalized piece of furniture to make storing toys quick and easy. The idea is to prevent the play area from taking over the rest.

Finally, the workspace is a must. It is installed as close to the window as possible to promote natural light. A table that is well adjusted to the child’s height and a comfortable chair are the classic duo, to which we add shelves for books and storage furniture so that everything is within reach. Thus, the time spent on homework or quieter activities will be pleasant.

Atmosphere and Accessories


More than ever, the trend leans towards natural materials and calm colour palettes. Wood, bamboo, macramé, linen, cotton, and rice paper are unquestionably options that won’t age anytime soon! On the decorative side, the walls are often embellished with sconces to the child’s tastes. Polka dots, flowers, geometric shapes, animals: they are placed grouped together in a specific area to give some punch to the whole room.

Popular for a few years, the children’s room is decorated—to the delight of toddlers!—a swing, a hammock, or a hanging chair. It is installed in the play area to provide a comfortable reading space in addition to being a modern and playful design element. Teepees are also still very popular and appreciated by children who settle there as if in a secret spot!

As a finishing touch, we add garlands of lights, frames on the wall and a space to hang our young Picassos’ creations. Is your child more of a mini athlete? A basketball hoop or gymnastic rings will make a big impact!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to furnishing a child’s room. A small tip for the end? Ask for the key player’s opinion by making with them a list of five essentials for their room. It can be a pattern, a colour, a hobby, or a feeling associated with their room. From these keywords, you will be able to visualize the space to bring it up to date and to your child’s taste.