How to become black belt in the art of making babies go to sleep

If you are reading this, chances are you are having a baby soon and you want to be as ready as possible to face the potential sleep deprivation you are going to experience.


Well, you have three options:


  1. Sleep more than ever while you still can and enjoy every second of it, because you know very well these days will be over soon.
  2. Get ready by discovering our best ninja tricks and techniques on how to get your baby to be calm or to sleep!
  3. Both! (as we suggest). Read this article and have 14 hours of sleep right after.

No but really, there are different ways for you to make this process more enjoyable and easier. After a lot of (very serious) research and testing, here are some of the ideas our team came up with!

Before we jump to the fun part, here’s some basic info:


  • It’s good to always clean your hands when you take the baby! His immune system is still delicate. So go ahead, clean these dirty hands of yours young apprentice.
  • Never forget to offer support on the head and the neck of the baby. They must be sustained! This is babying 101.
  • YOU need to be comfortable. The well-being of your baby depends on your physical comfort and your confidence while holding it! It is at this point that our chairs do the magic.


Now, on to our tricks and techniques :


1. The “Mozart effect” technique

Mozart effect technique

Lullabies are great… But you might reach a point where your baby has been crying so much every night, that you’re too tired to remember the lyrics of your songs. If you’ve lost inspiration, motivation and any trace of tenderness in your voice, it’s maybe better to opt for classic/calm music. It calms the baby down and it might even work on you!

2. “The Scarf” technique

scarf technique


This one will save you from having your arms sore from holding your baby too long. It’s basically about using a scarf to sustain your baby, releasing your arms and giving you the freedom to choose between the cookies, the kale chips or the cereals (because you need proteins after such a sustained training, right?). With your Dutailier glider chair, it’s practically like the cradling is done by itself.

3. The “Miracle” position

miracle position technique

Ok ok, I see you getting all excited about the word “miracle”.  However, this technique doesn’t get your baby to sleep it just stops it from crying almost instantly (which is pretty great, right?). It might sound suspicious, but it is not dangerous.

Step 1 : Cross his arms and place them gently across his chest
Step 2 : Secure them with your hand, which will sustain the chin
Step 3 : Now support the baby’s bottom with your other hand.
Step 4 : Keep the baby at a 45 degree angle. You can move him gently, even gently swing him up and down.

If you’re more of the visual type, watch the video.

That’s it. You’re ready!


We hope these tricks will help you get your baby to sleep, or at least help you enjoy a little bit more the joys of being a parent! Happy parents = happy baby.