How to find the right rocking chair

The layout of the spaces for your baby brings its share of choices and reflections. We want beauty, sturdiness, but above all to make safe choices that will last through the ages. And among the essentials, the rocking chair has no equal. To find the piece of furniture that will be an oasis of softness and tenderness, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Test, Test, Test


Ruby glider recliner pregnant woman


A rocking chair that will accompany you throughout your child’s life, that is not the kind of furniture you order online in just a few clicks! We’d rather take the time—and the pleasure!—of shopping. We test the seats, we assess the cushions’ comfort, the structure’s solidity. Is it easy to get up without using your hands? (Yes, yes, all situations are possible!) Is the chair too massive? Will you have space nearby for a table or shelf to put bottles, wipes, a glass of water or books? Does the chair recline? If this is the case, it will be necessary to think of installing it near a wall to avoid tipping over. For the child’s safety, it is important to provide padded armrests or the addition of cushions to avoid impacts and injuries.

Responsible Purchasing


Classico glider recliner in a child's room

Safety rhymes with quality, it is known. To be sure of making the right choice, it is necessary to favour specialized brands. They know a host of details that make a piece of furniture a quality piece that will grow older along with your baby! Good solidity, meticulous workmanship, manufacturer’s warranty; these are three aspects that guarantee reliability. In no case do we want a rocking chair that creaks and wakes baby up (!), that breaks shortly after being purchased or that is easily damaged—we are aware that baby will one day climb onto it with their toys and their little nails that grow too fast! And a responsible purchase is also a local purchase. Prioritizing canadian companies is a plus for everyone!

A Best Friend to Accompany Your Nights



During the first months of your baby’s life, the rocking chair will be synonymous with comfort and soothing and the importance of the adjustment of the seat and the choice of accessories, such as a footrest, takes on its full meaning. It is on this rocking chair that we develop the emotional bond, that we feed, that we cuddle, that we hum songs, that we relax; this is no little matter! Rocking is often the best ally to calm the child when nights are difficult, or the colic persists. That said, the rocking chair should not be used for sleeping. Always put the baby in a safe bassinet or crib with snug-fitting sheets and no toys nearby.

There is no doubt that the excitement of furnishing your home for your baby’s arrival is great. And it is by betting on safety and durability that you will have this same excitement years later when seeing how your furniture choices have evolved with the child. That they are now imbued with memories and one-of-a-kind moments.