What Are the Advantages of a Technogel® Seat?

The ultimate solution for relaxation, the rocking chair has many advantages when it comes to enjoying a moment of tranquility while relaxing with baby or to escape from the hectic pace of everyday life for a few minutes. To enjoy the benefits of prolonged rest, nothing beats a seat with integrated Technogel®. We bet that mom and dad, just like the grandparents and visitors, will fall for it!

Who said a rocking chair should only be in baby’s room? From the living room to the lounge room, via the veranda, no matter the place or the type of rocking chair you will choose, a seat with integrated Technogel® represents the ultimate in comfort, you’ll see!

To discover in this article:

  • Elimination of pressure points
  • Absorption and diffusion of body heat
  • The addition of a durable solution

Eliminates Pressure Points


What is the main advantage of a rocking chair with an integrated Technogel® seat? Without a doubt, the comfort it provides by eliminating the various pressure points. Unlike foam, gel deforms in different directions: up and down, right and left. Thus, it moulds to your body and distributes the pressure evenly by following your spine’s natural curvature. Result: the pressure on the contact points decreases, which eliminates pain and stress in the coccyx. A little bonus? Thanks to its ergonomic design, this technology also promotes blood circulation thus reducing the phenomenon of numb legs, for example.

Absorbs and Radiates Body Heat


A material that is both refreshing on a hot summer day and pleasant on a cold winter evening is hard to find, right? In fact, that’s what makes the rocking chairs with an integrated Technogel® seat magical! Thanks to its thermal properties, the gel absorbs and diffuses body heat from the various contact points, while eliminating humidity: no more clothes that stick to the skin! Do you want to let yourself go into Morpheus’s arms for a few minutes? Various sleep studies have established a relationship between temperature and sleep efficiency. Here is a concrete solution to sleep more soundly in any season!

Represents A Lasting Solution


Unlike foam, Technogel® will retain its elastic and cooling properties over the years. As this technology does not contain any volatile product or plasticizing oil, it will not deteriorate or decompose. Moreover, various tests have shown that this gel could withstand more than 300,000 pressure cycles without undergoing any deformation. In short, it is an innovative solution that stands the test of time!

There is no doubt that your rocking chair with integrated Technogel® seat will be the first to welcome you after a jogging session, an hour spent folding baby clothes or even a hard day’s work! To enjoy unparalleled comfort, do not hesitate to compare our different rocking chairs with a Technogel® seat, such as our glider-type models Erie, Ontario and our Avantglide and Comfort Collections. As durable as they are comfortable, these two must-haves are unbeatable when it comes to relaxation!