Dutailier, a familiy affair

Dutailier is proud to be an architect of well-being for the people of North America. Creating ingenious products, designed with passion and with the greatest respect for tradition, is what drives us today and for decades to come.

The Canadian furniture industry is revolutionized by the arrival of Dutailier, a company specializing in the design and production of high-end wooden rocking chairs. Located in Saint-Pie, in the Province of Québec, Dutailier then launched the world's first mass production of this type of chair.

The AvantGlide range of upholstered armchairs is launched. With their patented mechanism, these unique products lead technological advances in the field of multi-position rocking chairs. Over the years, some competitors have tried to reproduce our know-how, but without success.

The first armchairs with Technogel-integrated seats are launched. This exclusive gel was created by the German company Bayer Material Science, and designed to provide unparalleled comfort and eliminate pressure points.

Today, Dutailier is one of the most recognized rocking chair brands in North America. Our success is due to our ingenuity and our passion. This same passion guides us every day and drives us to create products that can be customized to fit the lifestyle of our customers, while offering unmatched comfort and quality.