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Anna Glider Chair Nursing Combo

Classic Collection


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The Anna Glider and ottoman combo stands out with a design inspired by the curves and details of a contemporary sledge.
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The Anna Glider and ottoman combo stands out with a design inspired by the curves and details of a contemporary sledge.


This variant



Uncompromised relaxation

This ultra-resistant glider chair is handcrafted in FSC-certified hardwood in Canada by our skilled craftsmen. Dutailier's exclusive gliding system with top quality sealed ball bearings provides a smooth and long horizontal gliding motion; which sets us apart from everyone in our category. The glider chair comes with pre-camber seat design with integrated elastic membrane for maximum seating relaxation. Cushions are made of high-density polyurethane foam with polyester fiber for superior lumbar support and to avoid compression for optimal comfort over a long seating time.

Enjoy the added benefit of an exclusive multi-position lock mechanism that allows you to sit back or get up safely while holding a baby in your arms. The 45° reclining backrest mechanism easily activated by the simple pressure of your body, allowing you to rock effortlessly while lying down and the ottoman that provides an extra support to your back and knees as well as your feet when gliding in tandem with your Dutailier glider.


Long and smooth gliding motion

Our chairs have one of the most gentle and longest glides available on the market.

Multi-position lock

This mechanism combines comfort and ergonomics with several different positions while maintaining the seat angle. Perfect for every height (in option).


The backrest reclining mechanism is body pressure activated to improve comfort levels (in option)

Gliding ottoman

The ottoman is designed to glide in tandem with the chair. Paired with the chair's reclining mechanism, you can achieve the most relaxing lying-down position. Also available with plastic footrest.

Nursing footrest

Combined with a Dutailier ottoman, the nursing footrest makes it possible for you to lift your knees, perfectly propping up your lap, reducing lower back pressure and bringing baby in close. When no longer needed, the footrest can be discreetly tucked away.

* Only compatible with Dutailier's Ottoman produced after 2012.

Premium cushions

Our cushions are made of premium materials and fabrics that stand the test of time.

Sets of cushions are available to transition your glider chair from the nursery to the Living room while matching your new decor.



  • Width 27" 68.58 cm
  • Depth 31" 78.74 cm
  • Height 42.50" 106.68 cm
  • Sitting Width 18.5" 20.32 cm
  • Sitting Depth 19" 48.26 cm
  • Sitting Height 27" 68/58 cm


  • Nb. boxes 1

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