Décor ideas for the living room

Modern, classic or industrial, here are some inspirational ideas featuring various ambiances for your living room or family room, always with a spirit of welcome and comfort. Dutailier chairs go wonderfully with all types of décor, offering infinite design possibilities thanks to thousands of combinations of fabrics, quality leathers and wood finishes.


The modern decor style combines uncluttered design and clean lines. This rather minimalist style is inspired by simple shapes and natural materials and features very few decorative objects. The furniture is generally quite simple and functional.


The industrial style has loads of personality with its sturdy and substantial furniture. It is directly inspired by the factories of the industrial era, often transformed into urban lofts. It is generally characterized by an open area and high ceilings.


The classic design style aims to create an elegant and friendly atmosphere by highlighting baroque and modern decorative elements. Striking the correct balance is the key to the success of this style of decoration.

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