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Our company proudly celebrates its 45th anniversary this year. Throughout our journey, the family atmosphere reigning there has always been at the heart of our accomplishments. We are a group of passionate people who like to work as a team. Creativity, transparency, integrity and respect are the bases of our relationships between colleagues, customers and partners.

At Dutailier, we design and manufacture high-end gliders and armchairs that are stylish and personalized according to the lifestyle of our consumers. By purchasing one of our chairs, they offer us the privilege of entering their home and enhancing their comfort in the most important moments. Our products thus become a source of happiness, rest and relaxation. For these reasons, they must be of a level of quality that exceeds the highest standards in the industry. This is why we are a leader in the design and manufacture of relaxation chairs and why more than 4 million customers have trusted us to date.

Would you like to know more about us ? Do you want to contribute to our mission? Join our team and you will understand why people seek out our brand, appreciate our products and why our employees are proud to contribute to our noble mission.

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